The mission of Center for Pain and Supportive Care is to provide the most advanced pain and symptom management in a caring and compassionate setting. Our providers recognize that diseases which cause pain impact each person uniquely. To varying degrees, pain may be associated with fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite and depression. Reliance on medications as a sole treatment can increase these other symptoms, resulting in a "downward spiral" in which treatment increases disease burden and quality of life diminishes.

Instead, providers at Center for Pain and Supportive Care can help enhance your quality of life through a "whole person approach to care". We use aggressive assessment of your unique condition, with particular attention to the cause of your pain and the other symptoms you have. Our providers will put together a treatment plan that may include additional diagnostic studies; focused medical therapies; complementary therapies; referral to behavioral health specialists, physical therapists or other providers; and interventional pain management therapies.

Center for Pain and Supportive Care providers are trained in the most advanced pain management techniques and are among the most experienced in the world with surgical treatment of pain using implanted pain therapy devices. You can expect your unique treatment plan to reverse the "downward spiral" and help you get your life back. Our primary concerns are to reduce your pain and restore your function. Please contact us to see how we can help.